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‘Citizen Kane’ Will Screen at Hearst Castle

Orson Welles’ Citizen Kane is probably still the finest film this country’s ever produced, even seventy years after its release. Of course, William Randolph Hearst wouldn’t have agreed; Hearst saw the film as attempted character assassination, and went so far as to try and buy the film in order to burn it. This was a very charming and easygoing man, here. You wonder why Welles felt the need to make the film at all.

Both men are now, of course, long dead, and Hearst’s descendants have no reason to suspect that Kane was ever screened at the Hearst Castle. This state of affairs will end on March 9, when Kane will screen at the Hearst Castle Theater as part of the San Luis Obispo International Film Festival. Advantage, Welles. (FULL ARTICLE: Steve Chawkins, Los Angeles Times)