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City Arts Finally Gets to Do ‘Kugelmass’

So City Arts and Lectures has apparently had this in mind for awhile now, this idea to do a Word for Word presentation of the legendary Woody Allen short piece “The Kugelmass Episode” – which is a little masterpiece of intellectual slapstick and surreality and well worth your time to dig up, it’s in Allen’s collection Side Effects – but, fittingly, considering the source, securing the performance rights was easier said then done. First a man said one thing, then a man said another thing, then many many voices were all saying lots of different things all at once, and it took time, yes, but the thing that emerged from the rabble, eventually, was a letter saying, “So, you’ll be playing the ‘Kugelmass Episode’, then, we suppose,” and that performance will, in fact, go down, tonight, at the Herbst Theater at 8. (FULL ARTICLE: Tamara Straus, San Francisco Chronicle)