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Clatter and Skronk at Chelsea’s Eyebeam Gallery

photo Ruby Thompson/The New York Times

Man’s been involved in the process of making noise – intentional noise – ever since the first Neanderthal banged a rock against another rock, or against some other Neanderthal’s skull. We get easily bored, though, so then, eventually, we get around to doing things like, say, inventing the guitar. But then that gets boring, and then you get people like Glenn Branca doing things like building guitars with 37 strings, which they then string with telephone wire and tune to some weird, modulating key. Or you get people like Eli Keszler, who does things like hang varying lengths of piano wire all over a Chelsea gallery, which are then whacked by a series of hammers triggered, in a very complex way, via the movements of people in the gallery, which are then transmitted to a website, altered, and re-transmitted to the gallery, if the press release is to be believed. It’s called L-Carrier, it’s named after an old AT&T method of transmitting long distance calls, and it’s at Eyebeam through the 23rd. (FULL ARTICLE: Steve Smith, The New York Times)