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Flames are Fanned in Taymor’s ‘Spider-Man’ Suit

You knew that there was still a lot of legal hang-up over Julie Taymor’s ouster from Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, right? Briefly: Taymor sued ToTD‘s producters in November, claiming they “violated her creative rights” and haven’t paid her for the work she put into the show. Now the producers have shot back at Taymor and her company, claiming that the show “is a success despite Taymor, not because of her.” Forecasting all of this a year ago, when Spider-Man was bogged down in production headaches and the most interesting thing about the show, beside the fact that it kept injuring its actors, was whether or not it would ever open at all, would have been ludicrous, but now that Spider-Man‘s proven to be, if not a runaway success, at least not a disaster, cue the lawyers. And ’round, the wheel, she goes. (FULL ARTICLE: Mark Kennedy, Associated Press)