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Gaslight’s ‘Musketeers’ Dance and Twirl and Sing

Go out to see a show at most theaters – okay, maybe not most, but many, many theaters – and you get the hair eye if you cough or sneeze at a quiet moment. The Gaslights, by contrast, let you drink beer and eat fried chicken. Point to the Gaslights. This new show of theirs, The Three Musketeers, is based on the Dumas novel, in the sense that Clueless is based on Emma, by which we mean loosely. Very loosely. Roquefort’s over here with the Snidley Whiplash-type plan for establishing his own personal dominion over France, and he has a guy named Gizzard helping him out, and there’s jokes about the Mouseketeers and Facebook and all sorts of things that they assuredly did not have in the 17th century. Yes o yes please. The show runs through May 5. (FULL ARTICLE: Sherilyn Forrester, Tucson Weekly)