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Henry VI Part 3 Takes Up Brief Residency at Center Stage in Santa Barbara

It’s almost never performed, but everyone knows characters from Henry VI, Part 3. EVERYONE. There’s Richard, who goes on to become the horrible, hunchbacked, avaricious little terror Richard III, and Queen Margaret, who did all manner of naughty things pertaining to the Wars of the Roses – seriously, check her Wiki page, it’s all “conflict” this and “murder” that and impenetrable recitations about what royal stepped on which royal’s toes and who cares anyway, we fought a war to get away from all that nonsense. Clearly Henry VI, Part 3 is worth seeing, which, again, is often easier said than done. Unless you’re in Santa Barbara this weekend or next week, where the Lit Moon Theatre Co. will take the play for a spin under the direction of John Blondell, who not incidentally will direct the same play at the Globe in London this spring as part of the Cultural Olympiad. (FULL ARTICLE: Charles Donelan, Santa Barbara Independent)