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Hey, Denver, Go Watch Puppet Tommy Lee Jones Go to the Opera By Himself

Two members of Denver’s Buntport Theater Company were wandering around Santa Fe a while back and spotted Tommy Lee Jones standing in line for opera tickets, specifically tickets for the Santa Fe Opera’s La Boheme . This planted a seed with the Buntporters, because how can you see Tommy Lee Jones waiting on line for tickets to La Boheme and not want to write something about it? So Buntport built a five-foot-tall Tommy Lee Jones puppet and fashioned a show called Tommy Lee Jones Goes to Opera Alone, a sort-of puppet show, sort-of drama served with a good-sized dose of opera history. Also it has a five-foot-tall puppet of Tommy Lee Jones, which is among the best things you can possibly have, anywhere, ever. Just LOOK at it. We’d hang that in our living room, proudly. (FULL ARTICLE: Juliet Wittman, Westword Arts)