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It’s Really Not That Hard To Occupy the Arts

Nan Melville/The New York Times

The Occupy Movement – which, yes, is ongoing, even if our fabled media has moved on to a piercing examination of Kim Kardashian’s failed “marriage”, or whatever the hell else they think will get eyeballs trained on them this week – has made a slew of solid points since it emerged in late September. Elitism in the arts is not necessarily one of them, however. Yes, ticket prices are out of reach for lots of shows; yes, one of the Koch brothers has his name emblazoned on a theater at Lincoln Center, but as Anthony Tommasini points out, anyone who can’t find free and cheap culture in New York isn’t looking very hard. (EDIT: Which is not to suggest that New York is the only place to find free and cheap culture. Far from it. I only meant that, if you can find armloads of things to do on the cheap in this overheated money pit, what must you be able to find in a place that’s a little more fiscally sane?) (FULL ARTICLE: Anthony Tommasini, The New York Times)