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Jersey City’s Nimbus Dance Readies ‘Scarabs’, Which is About Bugs, Sort Of

Nimbus Dance did this thing a couple of years ago called Butterfly Dream that was ostensibly about, well, butterflies, but not really, because it was about a MAN and his dream (wherein he became a butterfly, so there you go) and the nature of existence and other big-time-heavy stuff like that. But it was dance, too, so it wasn’t heavy at the same time, because – you know, dance. Pretty, athletically toned people jumping around in sync, music, a light show, dance is fun. And now here’s Nimbus back for their Grace Church residency this weekend, readying their new one, Scarabs, which is about beetles, sort of, and Gregor Samsa, and being human. Also, the scarab is one of the family of beetles that feeds on dung, so there’s that, too, although that’s more a piece of trivia than representative of anything that happens in the piece, presumably.
(FULL ARTICLE: Robert Johnson, Newark Star-Ledger)