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L.A.’s Center Theatre Group Joins “Tweet Seat” “Experiment”

Now that having an “attention span” is as quaint a notion as churning your own butter, more and more venues are playing around with the idea of “tweet seats,” two or three rows dedicated to people who can’t fathom the idea of turning off their little glowing miracle boxes long enough to actually, I don’t know, WATCH the show that they’re at. Of course, the only reason that theaters and opera companies are being tempted by this idiocy in the first place is that, as a species, we’re so easily distracted by OOH LOOK SHINY that attendance and revenue are plummeting across the board because no one goes to the opera or the ballet anymore. The Center Theatre Group in L.A. opened up seats to twitterers at both the Kirk Douglas Theatre and the Mark Taper Forum last week, and L.A. Stage Times reporter Don Shirley came to the conclusion that it wasn’t so bad. Hey, if it increases revenue and word of mouth, terrific, but does everything have to be so nakedly marketed? (FULL ARTICLE: Don Shirley, L.A. Stage Times)