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Mexican “Guns as Art” Exhibit Coming to U.S.

It’s not leading on the news anymore, probably because most Americans these days have the attention span of a Brillo pad, but the gun violence in Mexico? Yeah, that’s still going on. The low end of the estimated gun casualties since 2006, when President Calderon mobilized the Mexican army against the cartels – the low end – is more than 35,000. Some reports claim more than 50,000. This is a messy, untenable situation, and the fact that the vast, vast majority of the guns used by the cartels were produced in America doesn’t make us look much like the good guys. “A Farewell to Arms: Contraband on the Border”, the frighteningly apt show up through April 15 at the Memory and Tolerance Museum in Mexico City, will make some stops in the U.S. after it closes, according to the Washington Office on Latin America. We should maybe all think about going. (FULL ARTICLE: Jamie Wetherbe, Culture Monster, Los Angeles Times)