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MODAtlanta Gleams the Cube with ‘Skate It or Hang It!?’

This is a long, long way from Dogtown; some of these decks are worth five figures, apparently. Then again, who knows what one of Jay Adams’ seven-inch-wide, undecorated, fiberglass 1979-vintage decks would go for on the open market. Then again again, we’re talking about a museum, here, the Museum of Design in Atlanta, not only giving itself over to an exhibition of skateboard art but closing down a section of Peachtree Street on the 16th for a Skate Parade and a bunch of demonstrations. Which is terrific, and means that maybe the Everson doesn’t have to feel so alone anymore. MODA’s going all out for this one, which is really a perfect summer exhibit and maybe hopefully will inspire people to, if not go skating, at least go do something, even if it is excruciatingly hot out, because time gets away sooner than we’d like, and it’s summer, when things are alive. (FULL ARTICLE: Debbie Michaud, Creative Loafing Atlanta)