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Needing Something More to Occupy His Time, James Franco Curates a James Dean Tribute at L.A. MOCA

Not content to be our nation’s repository of all things meta and self-referential, while simultaneously studying at six different universities and playing himself/not-himself on General Hospital, James Franco – who has not, in fact, subsumed his essence into the very air we breathe, though the rumor is that that’s his next big project – has curated a multimedia extravaganza, in conjunction with the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, dedicated to James Dean and Rebel Without a Cause called Rebel, which is a neat, tidy title for it. The exhibition is a melange of paintings, sculptures and films from people like Harmony Korine and Terry Richardson, all overseen by the loving, guiding hand of the Franco, who played Dean in a 2001 biopic and won a Golden Globe for his reportedly meta-Method efforts. Rebel is installed off-site, at JF Chen, and runs through June 23, after which the Franco will announce his next installation, simply titled Franco, which will involve him just hanging around MOCA for awhile, because he is the art. (FULL ARTICLE: Deborah Vankin, Los Angeles Times)