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No, You Should Not Text While At the Theater

It comes as something of an unpleasant surprise that articles like this still have to be written, but if that’s the case, fine, we’ll play. Look, by now everyone that wants a cellphone has one. You can buy them off the rack at 7-Eleven for ten bucks, no questions asked, a price which, considering what a cellphone can do (when you get right down to it, it’s a pretty amazing piece of technology, remember) is nothing. It almost literally could not be easier, in 2012, to get a mobile phone. And so here’s the thing: Sending a text is not novel. Going to see a show? That’s novel, unless you’re Ben Brantley. Why then are you sitting there wondering why you can’t text during the show? IT’S A SHOW. SIT AND WATCH THE SHOW. TURN OFF THE PHONE YOU CHILD. AT LEAST WAIT UNTIL INTERMISSION. THESE TICKETS WERE EXPENSIVE. This tends to rile us a bit, so instead of us spitting more phlegm, here’s the Journal‘s Pia Catton, with a nice, structured top-10 list of reasons why you should maybe turn the phone off when you go out to the theater or wherever, without having to be prompted. (FULL ARTICLE: Pia Catton, Wall Street Journal)