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Pacino Eyed to Play Shelly Levene in ‘Glengarry’ Revival, Time Just Keeps on Passing (UPDATE)

Legendary cinematic alpha dog Al Pacino is listed at five-seven – “listed”, ha ha – and still he’s pulled off some of the most crazed and powerful characters in movie history, so this is not a cause for concern or anything, here, but still, read this and feel your bones turn to glass. A theater consortium is reviving Glengarry Glen Ross on Broadway again, in the fall, or at least they’re working on it, and Pacino’s involved, except this time around he’s going to be playing rusted-out Shelly “The Machine” Levene, the sweaty, nebbishy pillow played to crushing perfection by Jack Lemmon in the film version. While this conjures up the delicious, if fanciful, notion of Jack Lemmon somehow playing an elderly version of Scarface in response, this is still kind of jarring, trying to envision Pacino as Levene. Picture Lemmon in The Apartment, wearing a cardigan, making tea, and then there’s a knock on the door, and he opens it, and there’s crazed and bleeding Pacino from Dog Day Afternoon, holding a rifle. Worlds collide! Also, Al Pacino is seventy-two years old, which is eight years older than Jack Lemmon was when he played Levene in the film. Time is a mirthless demon. (UPDATE: This has just been confirmed by the Times‘ Erik Piepenburg, so get ready for a few months of “Hoo-ha! Gimme the leads, I need the leads!” jokes.) (FULL ARTICLE: Patrick Healy, The New York Times)