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Portland Cello Project Brings Weezy, Kanye Covers to Bay Area

photo by Tarina Westlund

Gradually, very gradually, we’re starting to see more groups like the Portland Cello Project springing up from the ground, groups whose members see nothing wrong with adapting Britney Spears’ “Toxic” for cello and flute. Groups that couldn’t give a flattened dime what constitutes a “chamber ensemble” or whether or not you should put five bassoons together in the same group, that instead just want to play music, on the instruments that they’re trained on, and if that means that they throw in some hip-hop or some Pantera, so be it. At this point, everyone under the age of 40 or so has grown up with hip-hop, anyway, and why not cover some preprocessed plastic teenybop song on a bunch of ancient acoustic instruments? (I mean, you’ve got to have some serious confidence in your skills to cover Weezy on the cello. Or on seven cellos.) (FULL ARTICLE: Brett Campbell, San Francisco Classical Voice.)