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Safos Dance Tells “Silent Stories” This Saturday at Zuzi’s

We are not entirely proud to admit this, but only just about a minute ago did it dawn on us (okay, me) that 2012 is the statehood centennial for both New Mexico and Arizona. (Actually, they’ve both already passed. I’ve missed them both. What is wrong with me?) Anyway. Moving on.

In the Sixties, Tucson leveled its oldest Mexican-American barrio in the name of urban renewal; as with all urban renewal, the unfortunate side effect was the displacement of the, you know, people that had been living there. Skip ahead four decades, and what was the barrio is now office towers, the Tucson Convention Center, the Tucson Museum of Art, and something called La Placita. Memories linger, though. The Safos Dance Theatre is looking to give movement and form to those memories this Saturday with “Silent Stories”, a four-dance program scored primarily by Lalo Guerrero that goes on at ZUZI’s Theater at the Y at 7:30. (FULL ARTICLE: Margaret Regan, Tucson Weekly)