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‘The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!)’, A Musical, Is in Richmond Right Now. Musical!

Say it one more time, and it’ll start to sound really odd. Yes, well. Anyway. (Here’s another one: “Pay the rent, pay the rent, pay the rent.” “I can’t pay the rent, pay the rent, pay the rent.” “Give me the rent! I must have the rent!” More on that in a moment.) We can probably agree that summer – warmth, sunshine, maybe the beach, meals outdoors, etc. etc. and so forth – really isn’t the time of year to devote to deep and withering contemplation, yes? Attempts at self-improvement, maybe, sure, but not the resolute sort of spiritual reevaluation that occurs, or at least feels like it should occur, during those months when one’s breath can be seen and the sun sets at five. (This could be a personal thing, I’ll freely admit.) But. Still. It’s warm, stretch out, lay back, it’s the season for easin’. And Richmond Triangle Players? They’re staging something called The Musical of Musicals (The Musical!), which satirizes all sorts of old musical war horses of Broadway: Oklahoma!, a bunch of Sondheim, some Andrew Lloyd Webber, some others. Goes down like rum punch. And all that “rent” stuff up there? The show’s got five parts, and paying the rent, or not being able to pay the rent – that eternal struggle – is the plot of all five. (FULL ARTICLE: Susan Haubenstock, Richmond Times-Dispatch)