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There Are Lots and Lots of New Films about Detroit

Burn, which just debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival the other day and takes as its subject that most overworked and underappreciated creature, the Detroit firefighter, is likely the most prominent example of the burgeoning sub-genre, but whoa, if you dig around on line a bit you can find all sorts of little films about Detroit, and what’s going on in Detroit, and the reinvention of Detroit, and that sort of thing. (There’s also Detropia, which garnered sizable notice at this year’s Sundance Festival and will screen on PBS in the near future as part of the “Independent Lens” series.) Most of these you will, yes, have to catch via stream, online, but doesn’t most everyone’s TV have web access by now? Or just hook your laptop to the thing. Or, heck, watch ’em on your laptop. (FULL ARTICLE: Julie Hinds, Detroit Free Press)