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U. of Cincinnati Turns Tables on Forger

Mark A. Landis has, in the past, masqueraded as a Jesuit priest and a wealthy donor tooling around in a red Caddy, all so that he can sneak his forged Picassos onto the walls of museums all over the country. The authorities have been, for the most part, stymied; because Landis doesn’t accept payment for his fakes, he’s technically not committing any crimes. (“Irritating a bunch of curators” is not a crime. Yet.) So the University of Cincinnati has decided to cast a spotlight on the obsessive forger (this went on for some three decades) with Faux Real, essentially a Landis exhibition, which will open in the U of C’s Dorothy W. and C. Lawson Reed Gallery on Sunday, April Fools’ Day, for a run through May 20th. (Lisa Cornwell, AP)