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“Warhol’s Polaroids” in St. Louis

Andy Warhol didn’t sketch. Andy Warhol threw armloads of stuff into boxes, sealed them, and stored them without a second thought about what was in them, yes, and made odd experimental films about sleep and the Empire State Building and haircuts, yes, and threw happenings like the Exploding Plastic Inevitable, oh yes, but he didn’t sketch, at least not with pencil or pen. Warhol, being Warhol, preferred the Polaroid camera, and now that everyone everywhere has a cell phone that can take pictures and tell us where we are at all times, it’s worth remembering that in 1972 it was a big, bloody deal to be able to snap a picture and have it a few minutes later. (Polaroid stopped making film in 2008, and that was a dark day, because Polaroid cameras were cooler than penguins, and I have a suspicion that we’re going to miss those things sooner or later. Does no one want to hang a photo on their actual wall anymore?) Oh, enough lamentation. A healthy selection of Warhol’s Polaroids is up at the St. Louis University Museum of Art through June 10. (FULL ARTICLE: Calvin Wilson, St. Louis Post-Dispatch)