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Why Not Stage All of Harry Potter in Seventy Minutes?

Works for the Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr, right? This is the sort of question that playwrights and actors ask themselves when the desire to have a hit supersedes the desire for exploration and muted lighting, because Harry Potter is somehow a half-decade in the past, which means the time is right to start making fun of him. (People have been making fun of Harry Potter, for profit, since the beginning, you know.) And people will buy that stuff. Enter Potted Potter. The brainchild of a pair of madmen from the BBC, Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, the show does, in fact, tell the story of the boy wizard, from stem to stern, in what must be a crazed and sweaty seventy minutes. It’s at the Little Shubert until the middle of August; if you go, clap especially hard for Clarkson, who apparently plays everyone who isn’t Harry Potter, which is a whole lot of people. (FULL ARTICLE: Daniel M. Gold, The New York Times)