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Artist Bernadine Stetzel at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas

The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas, TX

The Sixth Floor Museum is displaying a 17 piece portion of a collection of paintings by American artist Bernadine Stetzel who has painted 71 portraits of the life, both public and private, of John F. Kennedy.
Ms. Stetzel, a supporter of Kennedy’s, was devastated by the terrible assassination of JFK in Dallas in 1963.  Shortly after visiting the late President’s grave site in 1968, Ms. Stetzel began working on the series of paintings.  She continued to paint over the next 20 years and has now donated all of the pieces to the Sixth Floor Museum.  Some of the paintings are depictions of photographs and some are creative imaginings of the artist through personal interpretation and memory.
The artist, who describes her work as a little bit between Grandma Moses and Norman Rockwell, allows the viewer to get an understanding of one woman’s response to the tragic assassination of our nation’s President.
The paintings are a current “Collections Spotlight”.  The Collections Spotlights at the Sixth Floor Museum are exhibits that work in conjuncture with the museum’s permanent collection of items that highlight John F. Kennedy’s life, death and legacy.  Bernadine Stetzel’s stylistically folksy and historically and emotionally expressive works will surely be a meaningful addition to your next visit to the Sixth Floor Museum.