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Twin Cities Outdoor Theater, ‘Tis the Season

The weather is nice, the spring storms are easing off and we are entering our other season in Minnesota, ‘road construction’. That means it must be time for outdoor theater.

Perhaps because the winters here tend toward the cold and snowy, this past year being a bit of an exception, we do tend to enjoy our outdoor friendly seasons in a big way. Minneapolis has been ranked one of the top …more…

A Moment to Remember, Minneapolis

This month I intended to write in depth about a number of exciting events that are happening in the Twin Cities, and after a fashion I suppose I will. The thing is, this month I have been reminded why all of these wonderful events are out there to be seen. It is because of the people who dedicate themselves, often for little recognition and less remuneration, to the art of …more…

My Tia Loca's Life of Crime

Good Dose of Grit from San Francisco’s Guerrilla Rep

We like classic, elegant theater just as much as the next avid theatergoer, but sometimes we’re in the mood for something a little more…well, gritty. When we checked out the Guerrilla Rep theater company we found just what we were looking for. In their own words Guerrilla Rep’s mission is to “explore class in American society through provocative and entertaining new plays created by artists focused on the evolutionary process …more…

Bill Irwin stars in Endgame, photo by Mary Ellen Mark

Bill Irwin Amazes San Francisco Audiences in Endgame

Bill Irwin stars in Endgame, photo by Mary Ellen Mark

There are Samuel Beckett fans out there who worship every word the brilliant playwright/author wrote, and there are Bill Irwin fans who have followed his career through the years as he’s intertwined clowning and serious acting with nothing short of pure genius. If you happen to be a fan of both of these fascinating men, you cannot miss the San …more…


All-Female Julius Caesar in the Twin Cities, News or a Natural?

A quick Google search reveals that all-female productions of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar have been staged across the country for years. Clever bon mots on the topic range from “Gives good guy” to… Well, actually people can’t seem to get past the “all-female” and it dominates the headlines (see above). Still, in an election year, especially one where the phrase “war on women” already holds a dominant position in our political …more…


“What a Stranger May Know” – Twin Cities Edition

Where were you the morning of April 16, 2007? Do you remember? Can you forget?

When I was a kid, I always thought it strange to hear adults talking about where they were when some tragic national event occurred: the bombing of Pearl Harbor, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.. While I understood how significant these events were, …more…

Wood Elves House Party

San Francisco Improv Company Leela Offers More Than a Great Show

There’s nothing like improvisational theater to get your heart racing. It’s like watching a group of actors play catch, with a ball that has a wildly unpredictable life of its own. You watch them toss lines back and forth, waiting for just one slip, and then when the slip occurs, it somehow—miraculously—becomes part of the storyline. And when the actors rely on audience members to give them suggestions for different …more…

Christian Cagigal, photo by Julie Mitchell

San Francisco Magician’s Show an Enigma Wrapped in Mystery

Christian Cagigal, photo by Julie Michelle

Christian Cagigal was named ‘Best Magician’ by Best of the Bay for a reason—because he is one of the best magicians working today. He brings magic and the art of performance to new heights with every new show. Now and at the Hour, which premiered in 2009 at New York’s FRIGIDfest, lured the audience in by taking a peek into their innermost thoughts. Cagigal …more…


A Temperamental Topic

Earlier this month, Boston Children’s Theatre presented Reflections of a Rock Lobster, the real story of a 1980’s high school student who sues his school for the right to take his boyfriend to prom. Tackling the issues of prejudice, bullying, homosexuality and civil liberties, the show was performed by and for high school students.

For many Massachusetts residents, the topic of homosexuality and gay rights brings up quite a bit of …more…

Shrek the Musical

Babes in arms? Maybe a babysitter might be in order, theatre says

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been to enough movie theaters with crying babies to know not to bring my infant there – even if I’m dying for some time out of the house. ...more...

Coronado Cast

Firehouse Theatre Company Opens Denver Premiere of ‘Coronado’ by Dennis Lehane

Tonight, at 7:30 PM, the Firehouse Theater Company will open the Denver premiere of the thriller Coronado at the John Hand Theatre. This modern-day Greek tragedy, written by Dennis Lehane, author of classics such as Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, is a dark and twisted tale of love, money, and what people are willing to sacrifice to get just that.

The director, Luke Allen Terry, is no stranger to the …more…

Vintage Theatre

A Happy New Year for Vintage Theatre?

Vintage Theatre Productions has called 2119 E. 17th Ave Denver, CO, its home for almost four years. But in April of 2012, this theatre company will have to move, begrudgingly, from the very grounds upon which it was built. ...more...

ART Sherlock Scrooge

Holiday Theatre with a Twist in Portland

Seasonal theatre is notoriously nostalgic. All jingle bells and hot cocoa with extra marshmallows. Be honest, how many productions of the Nutcracker have you seen? But damnit if that Tchaikovsky doesn’t get you weepy-eyed and grinning every time anyway.

If you have a taste for something sugarplum sweet with a spin, Portland’s got it. In true “keep it weird” tradition, several Portland theaters are producing holiday classics with a twist to …more…

Cloud 9, Theatre Vertigo

Gender Bending Theatre in Portland

There is still time to catch two gender-bending productions in Portland this month.

The first is Theatre Vertigo’s production of Cloud 9 by Caryl Churchill at Theatre! Theater! This play follows the members of a family from Act I in patriarchal, colonial Africa in 1879 to the newly-liberated, “what-now?” 1980s in London. It explores racial, sexual, and personal politics with good humor, sharp wit, and lots of drag. Director Jon Kretzu and …more…