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Firehouse Theatre Company Opens Denver Premiere of ‘Coronado’ by Dennis Lehane

Tonight, at 7:30 PM, the Firehouse Theater Company will open the Denver premiere of the thriller Coronado at the John Hand Theatre. This modern-day Greek tragedy, written by Dennis Lehane, author of classics such as Mystic River and Gone Baby Gone, is a dark and twisted tale of love, money, and what people are willing to sacrifice to get just that.

The director, Luke Allen Terry, is no stranger to the stage. One of the founders of Firehouse Theater Company, Terry has been directing and starring in Denver theatre for many years, recently closing as director on Spotlight Theater Company’s highly acclaimed production of Dearly Departed.

Terry and cast have been in rehearsal for Coronado for the past six weeks. Accounts from the cast members state that the process has been “the most exhausting, grueling, thought provoking, self-reflecting, and rewarding one yet.”

Staging Coronado has been far from easy, and the team was met with even more dilemma when Allison Smith had to make an emergency substitute. With minimal rehearsals under her belt, Smith will be opening with the cast tonight, no doubt performing at the top of her game.

Still, with soul-shattering rehearsals and an unexpected cast change, Coronado is anticipated to be both poignant and entertaining. The entire cast and crew even received a surprise when the author himself updated his Facebook status about the upcoming performances.

Coronado opens tonight, February 24, 2012, and runs until March 24, 2012. Performances are at 7:30 PM on Fridays and Saturdays and 6:30 PM on Sundays. For tickets and information, please visit

Dennis Lehane