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‘Brands, Gangs, Teams and Clans’ at Double Break

A featured work from Product Etcetera's latest show at Double Break.

On Thursday, March 22, the relatively new gallery and store, Double Break, located in Balboa Park, will open its latest show Brands, Gangs, Teams and Clans. The show will feature the work of local graphic design-based studio, Product Etcetera. Since 2004, the San Diego-based design studio has been producing work for both professional clients as well as their own art.

Product Etcetera’s forthcoming show at Double Break will showcase their latest in-house brands and products, investigating branding, its role in society and personal identity. The design studio will debut their latest original paintings of newest marks and preview their upcoming line of products.

Upon first glance, many of the works appear in the guise of a classic concert poster or a vintage sports logo. It is no surprise then that the design studio counts many among their influences—from sports pageantry and corporate identity to religious iconography and national symbolism to gang graffiti and the general study of semiotics. Ultimately it is up to us as viewers to interpret these works that blur the line between art, design and images of consumption. Consequently, that is what makes this show so intriguing as it is surely not one to be missed.

“Brands, Gangs, Teams and Clans” is on view at Double Break on Fifth Avenue near Balboa Park Thursday, March 22, 2012 through Saturday, April 7, 2012.