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Gallery Spotlight: Gallery on the Green (Canton)

Gallery on the Green in Canton, CT was founded in 1960, “becoming one of Connecticut’s longest running artists cooperatives”.  It serves as a place for artists to gather and exhibit their work, as well as a place for appreciation and education about the Fine Arts.

The gallery can be found in the center of Collinsville, a census-designated place in Canton.  The quaint center is a historic district, complete with a beautifully renovated factory mill and scenic walking paths.  It is a perfect location for the gallery, which is equally as quaint as the town itself.

The gallery serves as a nonprofit cultural organization, and as such is a source of inspiration and cultural events for the surrounding area.  Previous events include a masquerade ball, concerts for local bands, gallery talks and workshops.

Works of art constantly change in the gallery, with a new show and spotlight artist almost every month.  One customer of the gallery said that they visit the gallery two to four times a year and “always purchase something”.  There are three floors in the gallery, as well as a beautiful outdoor sculpture garden that is lovely to visit in the spring and summer months.

The gallery will be showcasing work by Diane L Wright & Audrey Mucci in the upstairs gallery, and a Juried show in the Founders Gallery until April 15th.  The Spotlight Artist is Paul Baylock, an artist with a Roman Catholic upbringing who’s work uses many repetitions of the crucifix.  Baylock says that what intrigues him about the symbol is “the dual nature…that is is both a joy and a burden”.  The artist implies a unique use of materials, using many layers of acrylic on plywood.

More information about the gallery, including their calendar and information about classes can be found at