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Kleber Rebello: The Real Thing

Kleber Rebello

Kleber Rebello is one of the few male ballet dancers of today embodying the essence of princeliness so essential to the great classical ballets.  His presence on stage at once announces that we are looking at the real thing, not a man engaged in bravura only, but also in true majesty of the art form.

From Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Rebello trained at the trained at Escola de Dança Spinelli and Companhia Brasileira de Ballet where he concentrated on neo-classical technique.  He was swept up by Miami City Ballet as an apprentice and only a short time afterwards was recently promoted to soloist with the company.  Igniting the stage with his exquisite “ballon”,  he appears weightless and able to hover in the air until he decides to come down.  Like a young Fernando Bujones he has legs that go on forever and he uses them in a way that feels like they are pointing to infinity with every battement, developé, and jeté. His arms have the same sense of beauty, as they express themselves from the center of his back like wings.

The soulfulness of this dancer is not just in his interpretations, but a natural sense of openness that seems to originate directly from his heart.  This creates an availability that audiences relate to, as well as a connection to the essence of the roles he dances.  One feels him, no matter the role.

With his open lines, his incredible speed, and his boyish sense of fun and panache onstage, Rebello is, as Dance Magazine has so aptly stated, one to definitely watch for 2012.