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Anomalia at UC San Diego

Erick Meyenberg, Mexican Genealogy 2010 Pen and ink on paper, 7 x 13 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Galería Caja Blanca.

On Thursday, February 16, Anomalia, the latest show at the UCSD University Art Gallery opened. The show takes its name from “anomaly,” which means a “deviation from the norm.” The concept of the show and the work featured truly aim at something different as much of the work explores the complex relationship between art and science. Often thought to be mutually exclusive, Anomalia, instead, showcases artists whose work engages models of scientific research and representation. Ultimately, the show breaks beyond the confines of art’s strict subjectivity and the rigid objectivity of science. Instead, the show considers the common ground of art and science in their mutual investment in the notion of the sublime.

Curated by Lucía Sanromán, the show features the work of four international artists: Charles Gaines, Erick Meyenberg, Erick Beltrán and Jorge Satorre. Some of the work is rendered in the form of 3D data visualization models, with artistic forms of abstract representation derived from Minimalist sculpture and from the paired down aesthetics of Conceptual art.

While Gaines’ work considers beauty and order in relation to larger natural systems, the work of Meyenberg employs LED lights, music and physical space to address the genetic coding of Mexicans. Comparatively, Beltrán and Satorre work collaboratively to create a “Standard Model” based on key moments and characters from cognitive science, psychoanalysis, art history and literature. All four artists’ work tends toward something beyond both art and science, realizing that when the two meet, both orders are interrupted.

“Anomalia” is on view at the University Art Gallery at UCSD’s Mandeville Center in La Jolla through May 18, 2012.