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Arizona Theatre Company

Arizona Theatre Company’s production of Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps was such a success in Phoenix that they had add performances to match the demand. Even if slapstick isn’t your thing, it’s impossible to ignore the talent of the four actors who played over 150 characters throughout the play. Sarah Agnew, Robert O. Berdahl, Jim Lichtscheidl, and Luverne Seifert did a fantastic job running about onstage and off, executing costume changes, and never giving the audience a rest from their antics. The 39 Steps is the story of an ordinary guy named Richard Hannay who ends up on a crazy adventure after finding a dead body of a woman on his hands. We follow him as he runs from the police, and others, bumping into a myriad of strange and hilarious characters on the way. On the way, he meets Pamela, played by Sarah Agnew, who rats Hannay out to the police—and later falls in love with him. The combination of action, romance, and suspense was thrilling to watch. It’s inspiring to be reminded that the theatre can be just fast-paced and exciting as the movies. Next up on the Arizona Theatre Company’s stage, is the Great Gatsby, which opened last week.