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The Trunk Space

The Trunk Space is perhaps one of Phoenix’s most unique venues to consume art. It is one of the few places in the Valley that really embraces experimental art of all kinds, be it visual, music, theatre, or just about anything. It has become a centerpiece of the growing independent, more urban and youth-centric art community. Owners JRC and Stephanie Carrico make a point to use the entire space—not just its walls. It is part art gallery, part coffee bar, part music or performance venue, all of which complement each other in the best way possible. It was a creative risk of their own, much like the ones they often see out of all the artists that find a home at Trunk Space. It’s clear that they’re not limiting themselves to any sort of taste and that they’re open to anything, which something that certainly attracts so many artists in the community. It has a special presence and voice, always providing a dose of fresh and innovative perspective for its devoted followers.

This month, Trunk Space is celebrating its eighth year with an enormous birthday party. The April 6th celebration will include the work of over fifteen artists, and live music from several local bands including Trunk Space veterans Andrew Jackson Jihad.