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Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery

I decided to venture into the bustling center of Washington D.C. one lazy afternoon (during the lull in traffic) to experience the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. The gallery, which is housed in the recently renovated former U.S. Patent Office, is an impressive marble structure set among otherwise inauspicious office buildings.

As I walked the marbled corridors of the National Portrait Gallery, I was reminded of Washington D.C.’s unique place in the …more…

Cultural Community Art at the Fridge DC

For my next adventure into new art realms in Washington D.C., I decided to drop by a place called the “Fridge.” After weaving through some tricky DC traffic, I ended up parking the car and walked along some pleasant streets in a neighborhood southeast of the U.S. Capitol Building. I ended up in an alleyway, facing a colorfully-painted building. A small, swinging orange sign read: The Fridge.

The Fridge is a …more…

‘Colorful Realms’ in D.C.

Living in Washington D.C, it’s easy to forget just how close I am to some of the world’s greatest art. I am literally a 30-minute drive from the fabled, but oft-publicized monuments and statehouses that comprise our nation’s capital. These neo-classical structures are themselves works of art. Seeing them on TV (and on currency) has somehow elevated them to a near-mythical status in my eyes. But, as I recently discovered, …more…