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You can often hear the organ.

Klais-organ in Kleve, Germany, Photographer: Fabian Zohren

This morning, in preparation for teaching a piano class, I was flipping through a [very old] piano method book. I have a thing about old music books.  A line from one of the pages of this book served to suggest its ancientness even more than the copyright date or the retro formatting:

“You have often heard the organ played at church…”

As if it’s a …more…

Beauty Awake: May 22 variety vocal concert in Hopkins

Have you ever heard a song that makes your tummy do a little flip just because the music is so lovely? And the pearly tones of the voices meld in a harmony so sweet and warm that you fear for the melting sensation down the back of your spine?

Have you ever heard a song that expresses ideas, pains, longings that seem to be pulling directly from your own …more…

A Trio of Instrumental Concerts in Minneapolis this Weekend

There is no shortage of instrumental music experiences this weekend in Minneapolis.

On Friday or Saturday night, you can make your way to Orchestra Hall to hear the Minnesota Orchestra with a guest conductor performing an intense program of seriously beautiful music by three composers of the 20th century.

Jarvi Conducts Rachmaninoff at Orchestra Hall 
Friday, May 4, 8 PM
Saturday, May 5, 8 PM


Kristjan Jarvi conducts the Minnesota Orchestra playing Stravinsky’s Symphony in Three …more…

Have Snow Will Sing: Another Writer Looks at Minnesota’s Thriving Art Scene

I love Minnesota. Really I do.  Despite the first couple years of my life having been in sunny Puerto Rico, I somehow ended up developing a tolerance for our bitter cold weather. Granted, I am writing this in the middle of a gorgeous spring afternoon, so it’s easy to talk kindly of our climate at the moment.

It has crossed my mind in the past that our state’s frigidity is the very …more…

Minnesota – a Choral Mecca

I have known for some time that the Twin Cities is a strong incubator of arts and culture. ...more...

A Midsummer Night’s Opera: Pagliacci in the Ruins of a Flour Mill

South 2nd Street and Chicago Avenue is already a great destination for those seeking cultural enrichment and a top notch entertaining time in downtown Minneapolis.  Guthrie Theater, Sea Change Restaurant, Mill City Museum – take your pick. But if you’re planning an outing for mid-July of 2012, be sure to factor in a new attraction: Mill City Summer Opera. ...more...