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50 Shades of Felt


It Never Felt Soooo Good!

Some puppet shows are wonderful family events — but Shaun McNamara’s 50 Shades of Felt is not one of them. This scandalous parody of the similarly titled bestselling novel features full puppet nudity, sexual themes and situations galore, and language that would make your grandmother blush, and most likely you as well! For all its naughtiness, however, 50 Shades of Felt is a riotously funny good time replete with a puppet “Sex Pledge,” puppets shaped like objects they shouldn’t be, and a Goddess with the power to grant those elusive “fuzzgasms.” Leave the kids at home for this one, and head to Ft. Lauderdale’s Empire Stage for a show that aims to make you feel violated (or at least in need of a cigarette).  FOR TICKETS: Contact, or 954-826-8790. TICKETS  are$35

Empire Stage
1140 N. Flagler Drive
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33304