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“A Midwinter Night’s Dream” at the AZ Gallery

"Remnants of the Harvest"

The AZ gallery is showing oils, photography, jewelry and prints by local women artists. Some standouts include Emily Gray Koehler’s color-reduction woodcuts; Lindsy Halleckson’s oils; and Megan Moore’s giclée prints.

Emily Gray Koehler uses crisp colors, and organic shapes and lines for her woodcuts. She has an eye for design and composition, giving her work an abstract quality while never leaving the realm of representation. In “Remnants of the Harvest” Koehler combines soft colors with strong horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines to produce a dynamic woodcut of a very ordinary subject.

Lindsy Halleckson uses pure form and color to produce quiet abstract paintings. These paintings are made to contemplate, not simply observe. Stand before “Silent Search, No. 1” long enough, and you will feel a sense of calm and relaxation. Halleckson’s statement reveals her intent: “I convey nature’s silence and peace with my paintings.”

The giclée prints by Megan Moore, made from her original oils, are an explosion of color, pattern and form. Moore states that her art is influenced by the Arts & Crafts Movement and Art Nouveau. This is evident in “Coy Pond,” with its curved and patterned tree branches, and its overall rich color and flat picture plane. In “Fish Tank,” Moore again relies on a balance of colors and organic forms to achieve a simple, yet interesting composition.

The show runs through February 26.

AZ Gallery, 308 Prince Street, St. Paul, Minnesota