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Welcome to Zombicon 2012: The Galactic Infection!

The southwest city of Fort Myers invites you to Zombicon, the city’s annual tribute to George Romero’s 1985 cult classic, Day of the Dead.  Originating in 2007, Zombicon began with a gathering of artists and performers in historic downtown Fort Myers celebrating the melting of art and zombie culture.  These local artists have since incorporated as Pushing Daizies, Inc., a non-profit organization that supports the arts, art education and culture.  In a record-breaking five years, the zombie-themed music and art fest has grown from a local gathering into the single largest art festival of downtown Fort Myers drawing thousands of locals and tourists.

Just as survivors of the events of Dawn of the Dead arrived in Fort Myers to encounter a zombie horde, night descended on Zombicon 2012 with zombies exiting buildings; roaming the streets; filling the bars; and taunting you from wrought-iron balconies.  Zombicon 2012: The Galactic Infection took place October 19 – 21 with an indoor convention at Harborside Event Center and thousands of blood-splattered zombies paying personal tribute to Day of the Dead at night.  Professional horror make-up was applied inside the convention center while live music played outside on the convention grounds.  Local and international artists exhibited their work in the”Dark Art Show”, a gallery exhibition that has featured pieces by Clive Barker, H.R. Giger, and Marilyn Manson.  The annual Zombie Walk retraced the steps of the cult classic for those interested in the history behind this annual event.

The dazzling hit of Zombicon 2012, however, was the first annual ZombiQueen.  Created by painter and graphic designer, Jason Fleenor, and original Z-Core member, Nicole Fous-Long, ZombiQueen came together with the help of friends and local performers.  The talent-filled pageant was hosted by star performer, Rachael Valentine, on Sunday,  October 21st when she introduced Zombicon to ZombiQueen.  Local guest judges decided who of the five performers would be crowned Miss ZombiQueen 2012.  The costumes were grotesquely beautiful and talent abounded among the performers:  Ashlee Bangkx, Clyo, Ciara St. James, Alexia Cicconi and Veronica Bond.  The ladies helped raise money for Pushing Daizies with their exquisitely choreographed routines and generous donation of proceeds earned during the pageant.  After a rigorous competition, the winner of the first annual ZombiQueen was crowned, Miss Ashlee Bangkx.  A stunning performer choreographed by Jeremy Cureton, Ashlee speaks of humble roots and talent-filled aspirations.  She accepted her crown with grace and shared her vision of a future in performance.  It seems appropriate to end an epic weekend of tribute to art, music, zombie culture and the LGBT community with a quote from Rachael Valentine, “There are people who say drag is not an art; it’s a lifestyle.  And that may very well be true to some queens.  I, on the other hand, wouldn’t call it anything other than beautiful, captivating, entrancing, and sometimes, a little wicked.  And that, that is the definition of art.”  That is also the definition of Zombicon.

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A special and heartfelt thank you to Aaron Russo, Janet DiMarco , Jason Fleenor, and all the artists who became Zombicon.