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La MaMa Moves Dance Festival

La MaMa Experimental Theatre Club

Once again in May, La MaMa Moves Dance Festival presents new work by both emerging and recognized choreographers in all three of La MaMa, E.T.C.’s venues.

  • May 9 – 12: Love Story, Palestine by Yoshiko Chuma and School of Hard Knocks
  • May 11- 13: – Chamber Works : An evening of work by various choreographers: Vicky Shick, Elena Demyanenko and Joe Poulson, Maura Donohue and Peggy Cheng, Juliette Mapp
  • May 17 – 20: Beauty by Jane Comfort and Company
  • May 17 – 20: The Mermaid Project by Ann Liv Young
  • May 10 – 20: Chamber Works II : “So Young, So Dear” by the  Yuko Takahashi Dance Company, “Silent Noise” by Eun Hee Lee

Throughout its existence, La MaMa Moves Dance Festival has featured over 50 emerging and recognized choreographers from all around the globe, in keeping with La MaMa E.T.C.’s mission to promote and showcase artists in all stages of their careers.

La MaMa Experimental Theater Club

Founded by Ellen Stewart in 1961, La MaMa began in a tiny basement space in Manhattan’s lower east side. Stewart’s mission was to create an environment where artists could feel nurtured and supported in order to evolve and thrive. Providing them with free rehearsal space and technical elements such as sound and lighting, under-supported playwrights, actors, choreographers, and dancers continue to develop their craft and expand their public in accordance with Stewart’s original vision.

With the freedom to explore, share ideas, and learn from more seasoned professionals, some of North America’s most celebrated artists have launched their careers with Stewart’s support. Sam Shepard, Lanford Wilson, Tom O’Horgan, and Philip Glass are just a few early examples. La MaMa has also exposed many international artists to new audiences throughout the years, such as Kazuo Ohno, Andrei Serban, Tadeusz Kantor, Peter Brook, and many more.

As a generic term for artistic integrity, La MaMa, E.T.C. promotes groundbreaking artists and experimental theater that perhaps otherwise would not have a platform.  As one of the first small NYC theatres to house resident companies, the following seminal groups were able to develop and evolve: Mabou Mines directed by Lee Breur, The La MaMa Troupe directed by Tom O’Horgan, The Great Jones Repertory directed by Andrei Serban and Elizabeth Swados, Theatre of the Eye directed by Tom Eyen, The Trocadero Gloxininia Ballet directed by Larry Ree, and so many more.   Experimental artists like Meredith Monk, Robert Wilson Harvey Fierstein, Jackie Curtis, and Blue Man Group have also been able to thrive due to the support of La MaMa.

Each year, La MaMa presents over 100 productions, representing artists from over 70 nations. The institution currently supports the work of over 30 resident companies and artists in varying stages of their careers. As a not-for-profit theater, La MaMa is supported by numerous foundations and trusts and has won many awards over the years as it continues to be a landmark for culture.

For more information:

La MaMa E.T.C.

74 E 4th Street (between Bowery and 2nd Ave)

212 475 7710