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Newest Installment of ‘Gestures’ Opens At The Mattress Factory

In 2001, the Mattress Factory initiated the Gestures exhibition series to present new works by regional artists. On March 30, 2012, the sixteenth installment of the series opened at the museum’s annex gallery located at 1414 Monterey Street on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

The latest installment in the Gestures series, Gestures: Intimate Friction brings together artists, architects, and activists in an exhibition guest-curated by Mary-Lou Arscott of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture. Said Arscott of the exhibition:

“Our physical reality bumps up against us and then disappears from view. The interventions in Gestures 2012 reveal and perplex. The show opens up the building and then reaches in. The process of creating the installations will be collapsing, constructive and collaborative.”

In the past, contributors have included individuals from a wide range of creative practices,  including florists, tattoo artists, graphic designers and a wig-maker.  This year, the diverse cross-section of talents include Nina Marie Barbuto, Dee Briggs, Nick Durrant, Jeremy Ficca, Pablo Garcia, Jenn Gooch, Ling He, Matt Huber, Nick Liadis, Gill Wildman, Spike Wolff, and the collective Transformazium. Each artist is given several weeks, along with the extensive support and freedom for which the Mattress Factory is known, to create a work within the museum’s facility at 1414 Monterey Street.

Gestures: Intimate Friction runs through September 16, 2012.