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Taboo Tattoos?

Jessica Goldfinch’s new exhibit is a smartly crafted art exploration of the world of tattoos with a backdrop of religious relics. Tattoos are art in their own right, hence the name tattoo artists. Honing in on the underground world of symbolic prison skin art Jessica explores the deep religious and political meanings this type of art carries with it. Not only is there an unspoken language in this art form there is a vast amount of symbolism and deep meaning in Jessica’s paintings as well. Taking religious paintings most of us have seen and giving them appropriately placed skin art is nothing short of creative genius. Speaking mostly about the prison systems idea of tattoos these paintings are political, religious, and sacred in their own right. The paintings are little puzzles of symbolism that urge your mind to put together the unspoken message it’s trying to portray. Go have a gander at Jessica’s masterpiece on display at Barrister’s Gallery until May 5th.