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You can’t be cavalier about Cavalia

Photo by Darrell Scattergood.

I attended the premiere of Cavalia at Redmond’s Marymoor Park on Friday. Delayed for two nights due to the snowstorm blanketing the Seattle area, this treat was worth the wait.

Even if you’re one of the dozen people in this world who don’t like horses, you’ll enjoy this epic performance. The choreography, sets, music and themes are all superb.

The show, while extraordinary when it first visited the area seven years ago, has been impressively upgraded to include more spectacular human acrobatics. The only negative to the show — and it’s a nominal one — is that its bravura musicians and singer are out of view for much of it.

“We have been eager to return to Greater Seattle since Cavalia’s Pacific Northwest debut in 2004,” said Normand Latourelle, President and Artistic Director of Cavalia. “The show has travelled across both North America and Europe over the past seven years. Cavalia is continually evolving to highlight not only the strengths and personalities of new artists and horses, but to present them in virtual settings created by the latest multi-media technology available. We look forward to sharing this new experience with the Seattle community.”

The show’s ample medieval themes in the show were reminiscent of the latest Ren Faire I attended. Well, except that the performers in Cavalia are attractive and talented.

Cavalia runs through February 12th.