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The Durham Museum Presents “Cut!”

Omaha’s Durham Museum does a great job of offering a wide range of temporary exhibits, and through April 29th Durham Museum presents Cut!you won’t want to miss Cut! Costume and the Cinema. This exhibit features costumes from movies -or “cinematic couture” if you prefer to make everything sound even more sophisticated- from a variety of films that were all period pieces.

If you don’t consider movie costumes to be a form of art, you might change your mind when you feast your eyes on this exhibit. The costumes are so wonderfully crafted and in some instances are so incredibly intricate that it is nearly impossible to not appreciate the thought, time, and artistic talent it took to fashion these garments. You get an extra thrill if you are a big movie fan because you might spy a costume from one of your favorite films.

You see these costumes in films, but rarely do you get the opportunity to look at these costumes from such a close vantage point. You might assume that these costumes are shoddily made just enough to where they are passable in front of the film camera, but instead you will realize how marvelous these garments really are. Fashion can certainly be art, particularly when crafted by a costume company that can boast myriad awards including an Academy Award.

Cut! Costume and the Cinema runs through April 29th at the Durham Museum. There is no extra cost to visit the exhibit; just pay admission to the museum or present your membership card for free admission.