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Denver, Colorado

Denver: Opera

In Denver, the air is thinner, but that doesn’t seem to hinder the prolific performers who make up Colorado’s opera community. High notes abound, even in this scarce atmosphere – and they are even more beautiful and profound for the adversity.
Opera in Denver is unarguably on par with some of the best operatic communities in the country – known for accomplishing some of the most dramatic and difficult productions ever composed in French, German, Italian and English. Whether you are looking for cheap seats at an amateur performance, or season tickets to the big shows, Denver’s opera scene won’t disappoint. (Dayna Copeland)

Denver Opera: Opera Around Denver

Below are our Denver Opera recommendations, with information on location, admission, transportation/parking, company/venue history and other points of interest in Denver Art.

Central City Opera (Central City, CO)

(June 30 – August 12, 2012) Founded in 1859 at the onset of the Pikes Peak Gold Rush, Central City at one point was termed “the richest square mile on earth.” With money to burn, the citizens erected the Central City Opera House and boasted it was the most luxurious venue between Chicago and San Francisco. As the gold declined, so did the condition of the opera house. ...more...

Opera Colorado

When a group of leading local citizens decided to found a major opera company in the early 1980s, they hired the gifted longtime Met resident stage director Nathaniel Merrill – Time magazine said his “productions are among the best that the company has ever mounted” – as the general director. But they also began with a problem: the performing space at Boettcher Hall was circular.

Drawing on his Met connections, Merrill brought …more…