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Denver: Art Museums

Visitors may not realize just how vibrant the arts really are in Denver. The most visible of the local institutions is the Denver Art Museum, with its two enormous wings housing over 300,000 square feet of art. Major exhibitions and events travel through the DAM several times a year, and the museum is extremely family-friendly, offering fun activities for children of all ages. The DAM hosts art talks and lectures on a regular basis, and offers free guided tours. Best of all, admission is free on the first Saturday of every month!

The MCA Denver is located just across downtown, showcasing a variety of contemporary art exhibits and featuring weekly events. Past offerings have included events such as the Underground Cat Showcase: “Curated program of cat home videos. Open mike cat stories. Cat Photo contest. Human cat actor.” Currently exhibiting artists also give talks discussing their work during each new show.

The Museo de las Americas is currently undergoing renovation, but is dedicated to educating the community on Latin American art and culture. It hosts tours and workshops for teachers and schools, in addition to hosting exhibitions of contemporary Latino art. The Museo hosts a variety of free events, and waives admission fees once a month during the Santa Fe Arts District First Friday art walk.

These three museums provide invaluable resources to the Denver community, and they’re just the start – Denver is also host to dozens of galleries and studios. (Julie M. Rodriguez)

Denver Art Museums: Art Museums Around Denver

Below are our Denver Art Museum recommendations, with information on location, admission, transportation/parking, museum history and other points of interest in Denver Art.

Clyfford Still Museum

Opened to the public on November 18, 2011, the Still Museum is dedicated to the work of Abstract Expressionist Clyfford Still, who ordered his estate sealed upon his death in 1980, with the stipulation that it be donated to an American city that would pledge to establish a permanent museum for Still’s body of work. Denver wound up the winner of the sweepstakes in 2004, and the burly, concrete Still Museum is the result. ...more...

Denver Art Museum (The DAM)

The Denver Art Museum is world-renowned for its collection of Native American and Asian art. Furthermore, its African Art collection, comprised of approximately 1,000 pieces, is the largest in the Rocky Mountain region. The combination of these unique niches of art history, all available in one place, alone makes the DAM a worthwhile visit.

The DAM is also particularly strong in its emphasis on family atmosphere, offering classes, camps, and family …more…

Kirkland Museum of Fine & Decorative Art

This nationally-recognized museum has a permanent collection of more than 3,300 works of fine and decorative art from the Arts & Crafts, Art Nouveau, Glasgow, Wiener Werkstatte, De Stijl, Bauhaus, Art Deco, Modern and Pop Art schools. It also features 700 works of Colorado art by more than 170 artists.

Founded by its current director, Hugh Grant, the museum opened in 1996 with the mission of documenting, collecting, preserving and exhibiting …more…

Museo de las Americas

This museum is the city’s major repository of Latin American art. It seeks to showcase the diversity of Latin American art and culture, and to educate its visitors in the process. The institution was founded in response to the lack of a permanent space dedicated solely to Latino art, and the Latino community’s rapid growth in the Denver area.

The museum’s works range from the ancient to the contemporary, and cross …more…

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver

The MCA, founded in 1996, has five galleries that display a wide range of contemporary art. Three of the spaces are reserved for art education purposes, while the others host special projects and commissioned works, and a live art and lecture hall. The regularly rotating exhibitions mean that new works are always being put on display.

The museum has exhibited the work of some of the art world’s most important living …more…