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Las Vegas Architecture- Frank Gehry’s Lou Ruvo Center

The Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health is the collaborative project between Larry Ruvo, the owner of the largest distributor of wine and spirits in Las Vegas and Frank Gehry, the California based, Toronto born architect.  Together they have created a world renowned institute for brain research and health, officially the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health.  It is hard to miss this impressive structure located in just off the strip in Las Vegas’ Symphony Park.

When first touring the structure during its construction phase two years ago, it was difficult to visualize how it would all come together. The Keep Memory Alive Event Center , which is the organically shaped stainless steel structure, was still on the ground and it looked as if a crane had dropped the metal pieces and crumpled them. Sited by Mr. Gehry as the worlds largest jigsaw puzzle- the building is made up of five separate parts, joined together using screws and leaving no margin for error.

Inside the Keep Memory Alive Event Center, the beams are made to look like tree trunks implying a sense of continuing growth.  All the windows in the building have shades that automatically close when the hot desert sun hits them.  Throughout the year the center celebrates holidays by illuminating the windows.  Most recently the center was lit up Pumpkin Orange and Blood Red for Halloween, yellow, orange, white and brown for Thanksgiving and starting December 20th, blue and white for Hanukkah, followed with Berry Red and Holly Green for Christmas.  The colorful lights are a stunning display as they illuminate the metal and glass and hold their own among the bright neon skyline of Las Vegas. Best viewed after sundown information on the lighting schedule can be found below.

The main medical building houses an impressive contemporary arts collection. Along with its permanent works of art, the center facilitates the Keep Memory Alive’s Art Consignment Program which allows artists to display their works at the Lou Ruvo Center for Brain Health and the profits from the sale of the artwork are split between the artist and foundation.  Among the artist represented are Peter Alexander, Ken Price, who has exhibited at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Ed Moses. There is a pyramid like sculpture, donated by Gehry, located in the garden and visible from the main road.  Titled, Sugar it is made of recycled glass by the architects friend, Peter Alexander.

It is impressive how dedicated Mr. Gehry is to his work, all the seating in the center is designed by him as well as the lamps in the main lobby. Inspired by the crumpled papers he discarded on the floor while in the creative process of this project he designed the lamps to reflect this.

The center also houses the Maria Puck Cafe, named for Wolfgang’s mother.

Click to see a calendar of the Holiday Light Schedule

Click to see list of Consigned Art Work

Located a ten minute car ride from the Las Vegas Strip-

888 West Bonneville Avenue  Las Vegas, NV 89106-0100

For more information on how to view the art in the main building call:
(702) 263-9797